18 August 2011


Sri Chatravata Narasimha Swamy , Ahobilam , Kurnool District , Andhra Pradesh

Sri Chatravata Narasimha:

 Sri Chatravata Narasimha temple is located 4kms from lower Ahobilam. Since the lord is consecrated below   a  canopy   which resembles a banyan tree,  he is called Chatravata Narasimha. The lord is seated cross legged with the upper two hands sporting a Shanka and Chakra. One of the lower two hands is extended in a protective gesture and the  other hand is on the left thigh . Sri Chatravata Narasimha counts Adi tala with the hand placed on left thigh.

Among the deities here the icon of  Chatravata Narasimha   is the tallest and most attractive. He is adorned with a crown, necklace and  the sacred thread and his divine consort resting on his chest.  He is called the musicians God .There is an interesting story behind it.  The Gandhravas- celestial musicians called Haa haa and Hoo Hoo came from Meru mountains  and propitiated him musically. The lord was enraptured with their music and blessed   them. Since then devotees who are musically inclined can offer   musical obeisance to the lord and seek his blessings.
There is a popular belief that in this place Indra sought the lord's intervention and to annihilate  the asuras.  He heard a divine   voice which assured that he will incarnate at an appropriate time and kill the asuras.. Thus spot is also called Devataa aaradhana kshetra. It is believed that even now Gods, Gandharvas and Apsaras put on a human garb and worship him.Chatravata narasimha is associated with the planet kethu of the navagrahas. It is a small temple with only one sanctum sanctorum.