30 November 2012

22 November 2012

Rukminisha Vijaya of Sri Vadiraja

Once Sri Vadiraja  was observing Chaturmaasya in Pune. There, he came to know that a Vidwat Sabha was organized to select the greatest Mahaakavya and they were about to announce 'Shishupala Vadha' by Magha a great poet as the Mahaakavya. Sri Vaadirajaru sent words to the organizers that he too has written a Shastra Kaavya Grantha, which is kept in Udupi, and asked them to include that also for evaluation for Mahaakaavya. The Organisers agreed and gave him 3 weeks time to bring it from Udupi.

To everybody’s surprise, Sri Vaadiraja wrote the entire 'Rukminisha Vijaya' Kaavya within a span of 19 days that too during his spare time and presented  for evaluation. When this work was presented at the conference, the scholars were swept away by it''s poetic brilliance and had no hesitation in declaring it as the greatest Mahaakavya in Sanskrit literature. In accordance with their decision, the manuscript was taken in a procession around the city on a well-decorated elephant, with a lot of fanfare and glory.

In Rukminisha Vijaya , Vadirajaru has given a clear picture of Sri Krishna’s baalya, his childish behaviour and  his plays with Gopikas. 

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