17 September 2011

Sadashiva Brahmendra Krutis

Sada Shiva Brahmendra Samadhi and Bilva Tree , Nerur    

Sadasiva was born to Mokshasomasundara Avadhaani and Parvati. His initial name was Sivaramakrishna. He was married at the age of 17. Sadasiva lived in Kumbakonam, near Tamil Nadu in the 17th to 18th century. He is said to have wandered around, naked or semi-naked, and often in a trance-like state. He was reclusive and often meditated, and was described as being in a "supremely intoxicated state".He is said to have performed many miracles whilst alive, some of the most prominent are provided below.
On the river banks of Cauvery in Mahadhanapuram, he was asked by some children to be taken to Madurai, more than 100 miles away, for an annual festival. The saint asked them to close their eyes, and a few seconds later they were reopened their eyes and found they were in Madurai. He also wrote the Atma Vidya Vilasa,an advaitic work.
There is an epilogue to this story. The next day, another youth, incredulous at hearing this story, asked Sadasiva to take him also to this festival. It is said that the youth immediately found himself in the distant city. When it was time to return, Sadasiva was nowhere to be found. The youth had to make his way back on foot.
Whilst relaxing near a heap of grains, he began meditating. The farmer who owned the land mistook Sadasiva for a thief, and confronted him. The farmer raised his stick to hit the saint, but became a statue. He remained in this state until the morning, when Sadasiva finished meditating and smiled at the farmer. The farmer was restored to his normal state, and asked the saint for forgiveness.
At another time, while meditating on the banks of the Cauvery river, he was carried away by a sudden flood. Weeks later, when some villagers were digging near a mound of earth, their shovels struck his body. He woke up and walked away.
He attained Samadhi at Nerur, about 100 km West of Thiruchirapalli.


He is the author of several Sanskrit works including Advaita rasa manjari, Brahma tattva prakaashikaa and Yoga sudhaakara. He also wrote several Carnatic compositions to spread the advaita philosophy among common people. His compositions are quite popular and can be heard frequently in Carnatic concerts. Some of these are Bhaja Raghuviram (raga Mohanam), Bhajare Gopalam (Hindolam), Manasa Sancharare (Sama), Sarvam Brahmamayam(Madhuvanti), and Pibare Ramarasam (Ahir bhairav).

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Lyrics of sadashiva Brahmendra Krutis:

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Manasa Sancharare Album by Sudha Raghunathan

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